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How can exotic animal diseases enter Europe and spread?

29 April 2020

Modelling of how diseases enter and spread in a region can play an important role to predict dynamics of transboundary diseases. Outputs from modelling can contribute to better preparedness of authorities and rapid response to exotic diseases.

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Learn how to use metagenomics for antimicrobial resistance surveillance

22 April 2020

How can metagenomics be used to survey antimicrobial resistance (AMR) globally and what are its challenges? A SAFOSO team has contributed to building a blended learning course (e-learning and a hands-on workshop) on the use of metagenomics to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In their recent publication in Frontiers in Public Health, co-authored by SAFOSO, provides an overview over the course structure, its contents and as well as participants’ insights. The course is now freely available as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

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An epidemic never comes alone

07 April 2020

In their letter to the editor, the SAFOSO team provides arguments that in today’s globalized world, animals and humans are highly interconnected and that it is therefore no longer sufficient to deal with emergency outbreaks in isolation.

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What maps reveal - Spatial epidemiology analysis training in Ukraine

06 April 2020

Emerging diseases and epidemics are a constant threat for humans and animals. Spatial analysis is a powerful tool for increasing our ability to investigate epidemiological patterns of these diseases and contribute to the development of more effective disease control plans.

SAFOSO’s Marco De Nardi (Science Manager) is an expert in Spatial Epidemiological Analysis. As part of SAFOSO’s capacity-building service, he supports clients worldwide to gain the skills needed to use spatial analysis tools and methods.

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COVID-19 – what is the role of animals?

18 March 2020

As the number of human coronavirus infections continues to rise world-wide, there is some uncertainty about the role animals play in the COVID-19 virus epidemic. In this article, we try to summarize and interpret the available information in this rapidly evolving situation.

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Climate change and One Health – a complex network of interactions

29 November 2019

SAFOSO has conducted a pre-study for the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office on climate change and its impact on ‘One Health’. Our task was to look at the complex network of causes and effects originating from the various aspects of climate change and ultimately impacting animal health, animal welfare, food safety and public health. As well, we studied and summarized the literature and identified knowns and unknowns in this broad field. SAFOSO collaborated for this project with Franz Rubel and Katharina Brugger from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

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Raw milk monitoring program in Moldova

08 October 2019

SAFOSO experts Manon Schuppers and Marco De Nardi travelled to Moldova from 23-26 September 2019 to finalize discussions with national stakeholders about the design of a national raw milk monitoring program. During an earlier workshop in July 2019, representatives from the national authorities and associations for the dairy producers and dairy processors had expressed their interest in such a program, which would contribute significantly to improving national raw milk safety and quality and strengthen Moldova's export potential for dairy products. Following a careful evaluation of several scenarios, the participants of the discussions identified the most preferred implementation scenario during the recent visit. The SAFOSO experts also held discussions with the Minister of Agriculture and the Acting Director of the National Food Safety Agency to discuss which next steps would be required before implementation of this national raw milk monitoring program can start. These activities were supported financially by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group. A national TV program reported on the visit:

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ECVPH Graduation

04 October 2019

Former SAFOSO resident Anaïs Léger (center) received her diploma from the European College of Veterinary Public Health yesterday in Edinburgh. Congratulations!

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