People behind SAFOSO: Amanda Tang

October 14, 2021

Who are the people behind SAFOSO? What inspires them and how do they contribute to solving animal health challenges?
Amanda Tang shares her story.

How do you contribute to SAFOSO?/ Describe your role at SAFOSO

I am responsible for the administrative work and for overseeing operations at SAFOSO, including invoices, payments, and processing of contracts. I am also responsible for managing our website which involves ensuring the content remains up to date, that it is user-friendly, and optimizing the graphics & design. Last but certainly not least, I make sure there is always coffee available in the office.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on meeting our accounting deadlines and publishing news articles for our newsletter on our website. We publish a newsletter about every six weeks highlighting the work being done at SAFOSO and important global health news. These articles are an opportunity for showcasing the important work being done by our transdisciplinary team with clients around the world, as well as our commitment to staying up-to-date on relevant news topics. I am glad to be a part of showcasing the variety of work that we do on our website.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in animal health?

African swine fever and avian influenza are, in my opinion, the biggest challenges to animal health globally. One bird, especially a wild bird, that is infected with avian influenza can spread the disease to many other birds and to people over long distances. African swine fever is an important challenge in animal health because many people around the world eat pork, so the disease is creating a significant food security issue globally.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

SAFOSO is a small company, and everyone works together very well. It is like a family here. I have been working for SAFOSO for one and a half years, and it is really nice to be part of a team that can work together so well. Everyone brings something different to the team, which allows us to work on different types of projects requiring different skill sets.

What skills are critical for success in your role?

Being able to learn quickly and to learn by doing are important for my role. I have learned a lot from my previous position that can be applied to my current position. For example, invoicing is an important skill I brought with me from my previous position. At the same time, my works requires me to learn new skills often with new software, giving me the opportunity to broaden my skill set.

What has been a highlight in your work for SAFOSO?

All of my work is a highlight at SAFOSO. If I had to name one highlight, it would be managing the SAFOSO website. Website management was a totally new skill set that I had to learn quickly. I am glad to be proficient in and to continue to develop this life-long skill.

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