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What We Do


Market analyses, evaluation, strategy development, risk assessments, expert reports and more.

Capacity Building

Transfer of knowledge to our clients so they may continue the work independently.


Participation in international research consortia and dissemination of knowledge.


General and customized online training courses on animal health.


Our customers use our consulting services for support with projects which have strategic and technical content.

Examples of our services include market analyses, evaluation, strategy development, risk assessments and expert reports.

We also offer a specialist service in market research and innovation in the fields of animal health, veterinary affairs and food safety, together with our partner Presight.

Capacity Building

We are not only consultants but also trainers. We support our clients with our expertise and transfer our knowledge to them to enable them to continue the work independently.

We also help our clients to reorganize internal processes and procedures, to enable them to apply the newly acquired skills and expertise.

At a sector level, we promote and facilitate the debate to create the necessary framework and motivation for change.


By performing research projects for our clients, we can present practical solutions for complex problems. In addition to the scientific work, a typical part of our research activities is the dissemination of knowledge to make information broadly available.

We also participate in international research consortia, such as those funded by the European Union.

SAFOSO is an officially recognized SME (small medium enterprise) and thus eligible for participation in these consortia.


SAFOSO offers online courses on various aspects of animal health. These courses are in part targeted at a general audience, while others are focused on a specific matter.

We also offer targeted e-learning, customized for the specific needs of an organization.

If you want to learn more about our e-learning courses, or if you have a specific request for an e-learning module contact us.

Our approach is unique

Our approach is unique. We use our knowledge to improve animal health, because animal health matters…

For Food Safety

We believe that modern food safety programs for animal-derived food products begin with healthy animals and safe feed at the farm. Everything possible should be done to make sure animals are raised healthily. The safety of animal-derived food is managed most effectively when risk management begins early in the production chain.

We can help develop programs to mitigate risks at the farm level, increase biosecurity and manage risks for introduction of pathogens.

For Public Health

Interactions between humans and animals are intensifying and diseases can spill over from animals to humans. These zoonotic diseases can occur through direct contact, vectors or consumption of animal-derived food products. Human and animal health is also threatened by antimicrobial resistance, environmental pollution and the development of multifactorial and chronic diseases.

Our approach to protect public health is based on the One Health concept in which the health of humans, animals and the environment are seen as closely associated and should be tackled together.

For Animal Welfare

Absence of disease is an essential component of animal welfare. We use our scientific know-how to help clients improve welfare of their animal populations.

The well-being of animals is an important goal in itself and has added benefits such as increased productivity, consumer endorsement and improved food quality.

Scope of our expertise

From our headquarters in Switzerland, we serve customers globally. We work where you are. We have undertaken projects on all six continents. And with our international team we are able to serve our clients in more than 6 different languages.

How did we help our customers – a few examples of our work.


Successful pilot project for repetitive COVID-19 testing in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland supported by SAFOSO

From February to April, SAFOSO supported the canton of Aargau with its pilot project Repetitive Testing (ReTe) for SARS-CoV-2 in collaboration with IXORIS and other stakeholders.

Reinforcing Partnerships for African Swine Fever Capacity Development in the Asia-Pacific

Throughout the pandemic, African swine fever (ASF), a viral disease of pigs and wild boar has continued affecting countries and causing serious socio-economic consequences to the swine value chain especially farmers worldwide.

Tailored workshop on COVID-19

SAFOSO has organized a workshop on COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 for Fenaco, a large Swiss agriculture cooperative. The on-site workshop addressed the specific concerns of the client and was a tailor-made training, that included background information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its epidemiology, on testing and test result interpretation, as well as reflecting the current situation in Switzerland.

Webinar about antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was the topic of the webinar SAFOSO organized for the insurance company CSS. Together with the participants, we walked through all aspects of the use of antibiotics and how resistance builds.

Backstopping mandate NAITS Georgia

We accompany a Swiss-funded project in Georgia, which aims to develop and implement a national animal identification and traceability system. Our support contributes to strengthening the sustainability of the project’s results and the long-term viability of Georgia’s animal identification and traceability system.

Evaluation of a pilot project for targeted on-farm pig health investigations

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office launched a pig health pilot project, which aimed to increase the skills of specialized pig health veterinarians, to improve the quality of pig farm health management and to strengthen the collaboration between pig health veterinarians and laboratories. We conducted an evaluation of this pilot project through an interim evaluation halfway through the project and a final evaluation at the end of the pilot project. The results of our evaluation will provide the basis for decisions about the transfer of the pilot project into a permanent mechanism.


“SAFOSO is a highly professional firm providing specialised services in animal health consulting across the world. If you look for excellence and for a great team to work with, then you should go for SAFOSO!”


“We have recently used SAFOSO-Presight on a major veterinary diagnostics project, involving several stages of imaginative thinking and market research, taking us into companion animal diagnostics as well as livestock diagnostics. Their work has been fast, incisive, and inspiring.“

ernst zollinger, globalGlobal BD & Strategy Leader AgriBusiness, Thermo fisher scientific

Publications &

Knowledge dissemination is one of our specialties. We believe that sharing knowledge and enabling others is of great importance to help improve animal health.

That is why we participate in international research consortia, such as those co-funded by the European Union, resulting in numerous publications containing information that can be applied in the field.

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