Closing of Milk Safety Project in Ukraine

July 5, 2019

On 26 June 2019 the final Steering Committee Meeting of SAFOSO's Milk Safety Project took place in Ukraine. The project supported public and private stakeholders in Ukraine in establishing a comprehensive, risk-based control system for raw milk safety and quality. One of the most prominent accomplishments of the project is the development of the new Milk Hygiene Order, which lays down legal minimum requirements for safety and quality standards for raw milk and gradually aligns these requirements with those of the European Union. The Milk Hygiene Order was formally adopted in March 2019 and registered in June 2019, and will enter into force following publication. Further, the project introduced veterinary inspectors to the principles and practical application of risk-based inspections of milk collection points, milk transporters and milk processors. The project also collaborated closely with selected milk processors and milk collection points to increase awareness about the importance of the use of safe and high quality raw milk for further processing and provided practical trainings at farm level aimed at improving milking hygiene, mastitis management and prudent use of veterinary drugs. During the Steering Committee Meeting, all stakeholders expressed their satisfaction with the achievements of the project and acknowledged the important contribution that the project has made to strengthening sector-wide collaborations.

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