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How it all began.

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SAFOSO in numbers

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From BSE

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how it began

SAFOSO is a consultancy and capacity-building company founded in 2003 by the former director of the Swiss veterinary authority, Ulrich Kihm. The privately held company is based in Bern, Switzerland.

Our very first assignments involved helping countries build capacity and learn from our experiences with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and its control. Later, our portfolio expanded to tackle many other human- and animal-health hazards, always concentrating on risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, surveillance and compliance with (international) trade standards. In more recent years, we have also added services in the fields of evaluation — of output, impact & outcome of projects — and animal welfare to our portfolio.

Today, just as back in the days of BSE, our expertise is most effective when we can transfer it to clients in a sustainable way, so they can continue the work independently.

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SAFOSO in numbers

  • 174 projects completed
  • 64 publications
  • 47 countries we conducted projects in
  • 9 employees
  • 6 continents where we served clients
  • 6 languages spoken by the team

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Our Team

Patrik Buholzer
Marco De Nardi
Senior Consultant / Science Manager
Ulrich Kihm
Susanne Küker
Isabel Lechner
Manon Schuppers
Carla Stoffel
Amanda Tang
Sharon Peters
Alan Smith
Elza Patric
Alison Hansen
Marc Mendes

Our expert associates

Nobody knows everything.
To maximize the range of expertise that we can cover for our clients’ benefit, we work with associates who complement our skills. Our hand-selected associates are not employed by SAFOSO, but represent our first choice when it comes to outsourcing specialist tasks.

Sava Buncic
Sava is a food safety specialist with expertise in biological food-safety risk assessment and related management systems. His main activities are in evidence-based approaches to food safety and meat inspection.
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Annette Nigsch
Annette is a veterinary public health specialist with Austrian roots. Her field of expertise covers a wide range of key disciplines of veterinary public health, such as epidemiology, statistics, risk assessment and communication.
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Thomas Janssens
Thomas Janssens is an expert in the field of Aquaculture. He has been active in the aquaculture sector since 2002. After working for a nutrition research center in Italy, he has managed large fish hatcheries and on-growing farms producing Cod in Scotland, Sole in Spain and Perch in Switzerland.
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Preben Willeberg
Preben is a private Veterinary Epidemiology Consultant for international governments and institutions.
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Our corporate associates

No company can offer all services.
To maximize the range of services that we can cover for our clients' benefit, we have developed a network of trusted partners. They represent our first choice when it comes to identifying project partners.

Ausvet Europe is a wholly owned French-registered subsidiary of the Ausvet Group. Ausvet provides global consulting services in epidemiology, disease surveillance, health information systems, biosecurity, risk assessment, research and data analysis and project management.
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IQC is a Sino-German management consulting company providing professional consulting services on food safety, quality management and sustainability to all stakeholders along the food supply chain.
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Presight is a Europe’s longest-established innovation and new product development agency, managed by Gordon Douglas.
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The Royal Veterinary College is the largest and longest-established vet school in the English-speaking world and is a college of the University of London.
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The Veterinary Public Health Institute (VPHI) is an institute of the VetSuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland.
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Brussels-based Prospex is specialised in stakeholder engagement, strategy & foresight, and negotiations & conflict management.
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Thank you for your interest in working for SAFOSO.

Currently we do not have open positions.

While there are no open positions at this time, we are always interested in hearing from qualified candidates who may fit our future needs. If you have an interest in joining our team send us an email with your resumé and a one-page motivation letter. We will contact you when an appropriate position becomes available within a year.