People behind SAFOSO: Julia Hüttl

October 15, 2023

How do you contribute to SAFOSO? What‘s your role at SAFOSO.

As a Junior Consultant, I support various projects within SAFOSO, which has given me exposure to a wide range of topics. My background as a veterinarian and my special interest in infectious and zoonotic animal diseases, diagnostics and food safety support my work. I am also interested in the national and international regulations that apply to these areas. I am interested in working on improving cooperation and raising awareness between authorities and business operators, such as livestock farmers, in understanding and complying with the regulations and scientific knowledge for a sustainable food chain and animal management.


What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a project where we develop training materials for backyard poultry owners to learn more about poultry husbandry and the importance of biosecurity measures. For example, we aim to raise awareness of Avian Influenza (AI), which could also pose a risk to bird owners.

I am involved in another project in Ukraine, where we are revising some aspects of the legislation on official controls within the food chain. In the scope of this project, I am looking in depth at the international and national legislations, which are also closely linked to the ensuring of food safety.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in animal health?

I think the biggest challenge is that the global interactions between humans and animals are becoming more complex and the amount of scientific information and data is getting bigger and bigger. This means that in the future a more intensive One Health approach to all animal health issues will be needed and interdisciplinary cooperation should be developed to a much greater extent. Raising awareness of the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health is also a major challenge. In the future, I look forward to contributing to the improvement of animal health by finding new and innovative solutions to these exciting new challenges.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

It is important for me to feel that my work is meaningful and that I can contribute to animal health at many levels of society. I like to challenge myself and the journey of continuous learning inspires me every day to be better at what I do. I think there is so much to discover and learn in animal health that I am sure I will never be bored. It is also inspirational to find common professional interests with my colleagues, build new networks, and gain new insights into different topics.

What skills are critical for success in your role?

It is important to understand the needs and perspectives of our clients and the impact of our work. Communication with the client and effective teamwork are essential to achieve this. It is also important to constantly develop professional skills and to be open to new people, experiences, and ideas.

What has been a highlight in your work for SAFOSO?

I am still quite new to the team and the biggest highlight has been becoming a member of a professional, intelligent, and fun team. I enjoy the energy and open atmosphere of our team. The projects and colleagues with different professional backgrounds are also bringing fresh new aspects to my work. I can't wait to see how our teamwork will thrive in the future, and I am also looking forward to getting to know our clients even better.

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