Publication on ASF KAP study among Ukrainian backyard pig farmers

August 16, 2021

Backyard pig farmers are crucial partners in efforts to prevent and control ASF. SAFOSO led a survey in Ukraine to assess ASF knowledge, practices and skills of backyard farmers in four regions. The results showed widespread behavior among backyard farmers that is risky to ASF control, hindering ASF prevention efforts and favoring spread of infection once the disease is present. Many backyard farmers felt reasonably confident about their knowledge of the disease and their ability to recognize clinical signs, although their responses showed that thorough ASF knowledge was uncommon. Our study underlined the importance of a comprehensive ASF prevention and control strategy that focuses not only on enhancing knowledge among backyard farmers but also offers them suitable alternatives for current behavioral practices that are risky to ASF control. If you are interested in the full manuscript, please have a look here:

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