Epidemiology for non-epidemiologists – e-learning course

June 29, 2020

The news is being flooded with perhaps unfamiliar epidemiological terms and concepts in coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are not an epidemiologist, this can be really confusing and prevent you from truly understanding the key messages. But it is not only because of COVID-19 that we have an understanding of epidemiology, think of all the other animal and human diseases that are affecting us today.

Building on our expertise in epidemiology, SAFOSO now offers an e-Learning course Epidemiology for Non-Epidemiologists.

“It's useful to understand relevant epidemiological terms especially during a pandemic”, says Patrik Buholzer, Director at SAFOSO. “We noticed that there is a need for this type of fundamental information. In our course we approach the topic in an entertaining, but scientifically sound way.”

The course illustrates epidemiological concepts that we are exposed to in everyday life and helps learners interpret these concepts for their own understanding of current events related to diseases in animals and people. The course consists of seven modules that are based on examples of the most relevant and frequently occurring public health and veterinary public health diseases. The format includes lecture slides with voiceover audio, video sequences, poll questions and additional material. Certificates of completion will be available for download for the successfully completed course.

The course is available at

There is a 25% discount on this course available until July 31st. Enter coupon code SAFOSO01.

screenhot from course 'epidemilogy for non-epidemiologists'

e-learning @SAFOSO

This is the first of many courses SAFOSO will provide on the e-Learning platform. Dissemination of knowledge is one of SAFOSO’s strengths. We have long-standing experience in organizing and executing trainings and workshops on animal health and food safety. Now, we are applying this wealth of experience and scientific knowledge to online training courses. With the new opportunity for online study, we aim to make high-quality learning material more accessible.

Whether to learn something new or to refresh your know-how, we aim to provide you with competent knowledge on a broad range of topics related to animal health and food safety. Enhance your competence at work, advance your career or simply improve your general knowledge.

We hope you’ll enjoy our self-study courses.

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