Sava Buncic

rate) associate

Sava is a food safety specialist with expertise in biological food-safety risk assessment and related management systems. His main activities are in evidence-based approaches to food safety and meat inspection. Sava’s book “Integrated Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health” is a key reference and teaching resource in the field.

Sava was a university professor in food safety & veterinary public health, and held related positions in Europe (United Kingdom and Serbia) and in New Zealand. He also served as a Member of the Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards of the European Food Safety Authority- EFSA.

Since 2015, Sava works as a scientific consultant and provides external scientific advice for EU (EFSA, DG Research), FAO/WHO, Science Ministries in several European countries, as well as for SAFOSO and ABSeeSScientific & English Editorial Services.


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