Veterinary Certifications


International Finance Corporation


Regulatory review, organisation of mission to Switzerland

Project status
Capacity building

Project background

The National Food Safety Agency of Moldova (ANSA) wanted to align its system for veterinary certification of animal health and food safety with that of the EU. The International Finance Corporation IFC approached SAFOSO to provide the necessary technical assistance.

Our work

In a first step, we conducted a comparative analysis of the system of veterinary certification in Moldova and the EU. This included both a comparison of the applicable regulatory framework, as well as the practical application for selected commodities. For this, we used case studies from Moldova, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia. The results of our analysis underlined that veterinary certification should not be considered as a stand-alone measure, but instead is deeply intertwined with other measures, such as traceability, animal health monitoring, HACCP and official inspections. Based on the findings of the analysis, we then developed recommendations for ANSA on how to proceed with the revision of the veterinary system in Moldova. Finally, we organized a mission to Switzerland for 5 ANSA representatives. The goal was to show how animal health and food safety information is transmitted along the value chain. We therefore visited a dairy farm with direct sales of milk, cheese manufacturing plants, a slaughterhouse and a cantonal veterinary and food safety office.

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