Public health risk assessment for plant protection products


Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office


Risk assessment, data analysis

Project status

Project Background

Plant protection products play a crucial role in modern agriculture by enhancing crop yield, controlling pests, and reducing the spread of plant diseases. While these benefits contribute significantly to global food security, it is essential to investigate the potential hazards and related risks of pesticides on public health. Exposure to pesticides can occur through various means, including direct contact through the skin, ingestion, or inhalation. High exposures to pesticides can lead to acute poisoning, while long-term low exposure may contribute to chronic health issues. Additionally, the widespread use of pesticides raises concerns about environmental bioaccumulation, which may affect ecosystems as well as human health.

Our Work

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) is the Swiss competent authority for the health-related evaluation and approval of pesticides. Since January 2023, SAFOSO is supporting the FSVO in evaluating pesticides submitted by companies for approval to the Swiss market. Assessments not only focus on potential toxicological effects of pesticide residues in food, but also consider direct exposure for private users, as well as bystanders and residents in close proximity to treated areas. These evaluations help ensure the safe and responsible use of plant protection products, while minimizing potential risks to human health.

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