One Health for brucellosis in Armenia


US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, CH2M


Development of training materials, workshops, design of questionnaires, data analysis, design of training plans, assessment mission

Project status
Capacity building

Project background

Brucellosis is widespread in both animals and humans in Armenia. Improved collaboration between the human and animal health sectors and improved surveillance efforts are among the challenges that must be accomplished to arrive at an effective and efficient brucellosis control strategy.

Our work

SAFOSO was a collaborator in a project aiming to strengthen coordination and communication between the human and animal health sectors under a One Health umbrella and to increase understanding and capacity of national stakeholders to implement cost-effective surveillance and epidemiological investigations as part of a brucellosis control program. SAFOSO supported the implementation of a knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP) survey among field staff responsible for surveillance and epidemiological investigations on brucellosis in humans and animals. Afterwards, based on the findings of this KAP survey, SAFOSO supported the development of a training plan for field staff. With the aim to design a OH surveillance model for Armenia, SAFOSO conducted an assessment of the current surveillance system, including an epidemiological analysis of the occurrence and spatial distribution of human and animal cases of brucellosis in Armenia. Further, we conducted GIS training to support spatial analysis of current patterns of brucellosis occurrence in Armenia. The project was coordinated by CH2M and funded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


The project team together with local stakeholders developed a One Health surveillance strategy for brucellosis in Armenia, which was later submitted to the national authorities.

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