Market research on Point-of-Care testing


A major international diagnostics provider


Market research, questionnaire development, telephone interviews, data analysis

Project status

Project background

The availability of accurate diagnostic test results in a timely manner is the basis for the provision of good veterinary services. Traditionally, samples are taken on site (e.g. on the farm or in the veterinary clinic) and then shipped to a laboratory for testing. This shipment causes inevitable delays until diagnostic results become available. New technology allows the development of diagnostic test devices that can be used on location, thereby shortening the time to result.

Our work

SAFOSO conducted a comprehensive market research study for a major international diagnostics provider. The goal of the study was to understand the interest of livestock and pet veterinarians in point-of-care testing and its benefits for their daily routines, their practice economics, for animal health and animal welfare (earlier beginning of treatment). As well, we researched the current market for handheld diagnostic devices and assessed the potential of new market entries.  This work was done in collaboration with our Corporate Associate Presight.


This work helped our client to filter a small set of high-priority collaborations out of a vast number of candidates in an area of rapidly developing technology.

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