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Incentive systems for veterinarians to promote a reduction of the prescription of antibiotics in veal calves

When veterinarians benefit economically from the sales of antimicrobials, this may be counterproductive to national efforts to reduce antimicrobial usage. Our study analysed the economic importance of and alternative economic systems for the sales of antimicrobials by veterinarians in the Swiss veal sector.

Project background

Among others, the current Swiss National Strategy “StAR” aims to reduce the disposal of antimicrobials in farm animals. In Switzerland however, veterinarians make economic profit by disposing antimicrobials to farmers. A reduction of sales will therefore inevitably lead to a reduction in revenues for the veterinarian.

Our work

In collaboration with the Bovine Health Service of Zürich, SAFOSO has implemented a study to investigate alternative economic systems in which the disposal of antimicrobials will not be linked to economic benefits for the prescriber. In a first step, the veal calf value chain was analysed in detail and policy options were discussed with both national and international experts. In a second step, promising options were selected and further assessed in an economical model. This model took both the lost income and alternative added revenues for the veterinarian into account.Results

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