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data analysis, calculation of surveillance system sensitivity, report writing, evaluation




Freedom from disease - evaluation of the sampling program for IBR and EBL in Switzerland

Switzerland is free from IBR and EBL and this freedom is demonstrated annually through the collection and testing of a predetermined number of samples. SAFOSO evaluated this surveillance system and asessed its sensitivity. We provided recommendations for further optimization of the cost-effectiveness of the sampling program.

Project background

Switzerland is free from infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) and enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL) and this freedom is confirmed annually through collection and testing of a predetermined number of samples. After the implementation of an automated sampling system in the largest slaughterhouses in Switzerland in 2017, the sampling was shifted by the veterinary service from collection at farm level to collection at slaughterhouse level. This relocation of the sampling procedure had a fundamental influence on the data basis, and thus an evaluation of the new sampling system became necessary.

Our work

SAFOSO conducted an external evaluation of the new surveillance system to demonstrate freedom from disease for IBR and EBL in the Swiss cattle population. We assessed the sensitivity of the current surveillance system for IBR and EBL as designed and implemented. Furthermore, we developed a spreadsheet-based sampling and sensitivity calculation tool and provided recommendations for further optimisation of the cost-effectiveness of the sampling program.

The sensitivity analysis of the surveillance system was kindly supported by Angus Cameron and his team from Ausvet.

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