development of guidelines, development of risk reduction measures




Development of guidelines and measures towards the prevention of AI with Nestlé

SAFOSO developed guidelines and measures for the prevention of avian influenza with Nestlé.

An innovative approach was developed: contrary to pre-existing methods, the scope of action is defined by the disease and measures are then assigned to stakeholders rather than the stakeholder’s perspective defining the scope and actions being taken by disease. This allows for much better coordinated, comprehensive and thus effective risk management.

A team of experts from both companies began its work by mapping the supply chain, assessing associated risks, and developing a master list of risk management measures, framed into guidelines that can and need to be adapted to the specific situation at a given production site. The team then checked these guidelines, covering strategic, organizational and operational issues, in a pilot plant against what measures were already in place, either from the private or the public side. For the latter, close collaboration with regulatory bodies proved essential and valuable. The remaining risk management gaps were filled and new measures were trained and implemented, supported by new educational material where needed.

After initial scepticism the management of the pilot plant welcomed the initiative and considered it a substantial and efficient contribution to risk reduction. They recommended the initiative to be taken up by their peers, i.e. other supply and production facilities, in an internal roll-out meeting.

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