Biosecurity and traceability in the poultry sector in Moldova


International Finance Corporation


Assessment mission, stakeholder consultation, development of training materials, workshop, development of biosecurity guidance document, development of traceability guidance document

Project status

Project background

The Moldovan poultry industry is interested in obtaining authorization to export poultry meat to the EU. Moldova therefore needs to ensure that the national legislation, official inspection procedures and industry standards and practices comply with the relevant EU regulations and standards, including those for biosecurity and traceability.

Our work

On behalf of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), SAFOSO provided support to the Moldovan authorities and poultry industry through the development of biosecurity checklists for official on-farm inspection and the development of biosecurity and traceability guidance documents for the industry. The development of the biosecurity and traceability guidance documents was proceeded by an assessment mission during which we assessed existing practices and procedures for biosecurity and traceability throughout the poultry chain.


Both the Moldovan authorities and representativies of the poultry sector gained an improved understanding of the requirements and prerequisites for export of poultry products to the EU. With the updated and EU-aligned traceability and biosecurity guidance documents they are equipped for embarking on the necessary transition processes.

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