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What do we mean by consulting?

Thanks to our expertise and backgrounds we are able to deliver consulting services on the strategic and technical level. Examples include market analyses, strategy development and professional risk assessments and scientific expertises and independent evaluations.
Examples of our consulting projects include (click to read more about the project):

We also lead and manage – on behalf of its funding body - a professional organization that does not have its own human resources: the ‘TAFS forum’, a not-for-profit foundation.


Capacity Building

First, we identify what is needed in a particular situation in close collaboration with stakeholders, thanks to our expertise and over 50 years’ worth of field experience worldwide. We then transfer this expertise to clients in a sustainable way. Our approach is to build close working relationships with clients so that they can continue the work independently. In other words we are, at the same time, trainers and consultants. That’s what we mean by capacity building.

Examples of our capacity building projects are (click to read more about the project):



We do not take blood samples from animals or pipet Elisa tests together, but we are good at thinking hard and long and presenting practical solutions for tricky problems.

SAFOSO is an officially recognized SME (small/medium enterprise) and thus eligible for research consortia that need to include private partners – which is the case more and more often.

Examples of our research projects are: