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Ulrich Sperling

Ulrich SperlingDr. Ulrich Sperling (Uli) studied molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics at Tübingen University (Germany) and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich (Switzerland) from 1989 to 1993. He was awarded the ‘Medal of Distinction’ for his Ph.D. in natural sciences from the ETH Zurich in 1998. He was working on photosynthesis by then, the very beginning of the food chain, as he still likes to underline.

Uli then worked for three years as a strategic management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Moving closer to science again, he joined Prionics AG, a veterinary diagnostics provider, in 2001 as International Product Manager and later became Head of Product Management.

Uli joined SAFOSO in 2005 as a partner and became a member of the executive board in the same year. Since 2010, Uli is a Director of SAFOSO. Since 2014, he is Director of Finance and Operations.

He especially enjoys bringing together different perspectives of the food chain and working at the interface between distinct – apparently separate – areas, such as science/business, public/private stakeholders, analytical/strategic tasks, or European/Asian (esp. Japanese) culture.