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Sabine Reist-Marti
Dr. sc. nat. ETH

Sabine Reist-Marti

Sabine grew up on a farm and studied Agricultural Engineering. During her studies, she was running the parental farm and gathered international farming experience by traineeships in different countries. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Animal Science and the Diploma of Advanced Lectureship from the Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland), Sabine completed her PhD (Dr. sc. nat. ETH) in 2003 in Agricultural Economics at the same institution. She then worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Swiss College of Agriculture and the Federal Institute of Technology for several years.

Her focus in research and lecturing was on genetics and biodiversity conservation, where she closely collaborated with different international institutions, e.g. ILRI, Kenya and the University of Goettingen, Germany. She was member of the expert panel on Animal Genetic Resources Conservation of the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture.

In 2011, Sabine moved to private industry, where she worked as a business engineer, Scrum master and leader of product innovation in an IT company (Identitas AG). Identitas AG is the leading company in Switzerland for IT solutions concerning identification, registration and traceability of farm and companion animals.

Sabine joined SAFOSO as consultant in 2015. Her main responsibility is the coordination of a capacity building project in Ukraine, aiming to establish and implement a risk-based food safety control system in the dairy value chain.