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Cover page publication new frontiers Häsler et al 2019Duarte ASR, Stärk KDC, Munk P, Leekitcharoenphon P, Bossers A, Luiken R, Sarrazin S, Lukjancenko O, Pamp SJ, Bortolaia V, Nissen JN, Kirstahler P, Van Gompel L, Poulsen CS, Kaas RS, Hellmér M, Hansen RB, Gomez VM and Hald T (2020) Addressing Learning Needs on the Use of Metagenomics in Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance. Front. Public Health 8:38. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2020.00038



Cover page publication new frontiers Häsler et al 2019Häsler B, Garza M, Bisdorff B, Léger A, Tavornpanich S, Peyre M, Lindberg A, van Schaik G, Alban L and Stärk KDC (2019) Assessing the Adoption of Recommended Standards, Novel Approaches, and Best Practices for Animal Health Surveillance by Decision Makers in Europe. Front. Vet. Sci. 6:375.
doi: 10.3389/fvets.2019.00375


Verity Horigan, Marco de Nardi, Maria I. Crescio, Agustin Estrada-Peña, Amie Adkin, Cristiana Maurella, Silvia Bertolini, Anais Léger, Giuseppe Ru, Charlotte Cook, Katharina Stark, Robin R.L. Simons (2019). Maximising data to optimise animal disease early warning systems and risk assessment tools within Europe, Microbial Risk Analysis, 2019, ISSN 2352-3522.


Collineau, L., Bougeard, S., Backhans, A., Dewulf, J., Emanuelson, U., Grosse Beilage, E., . . . Belloc, C. (2018). Application of multiblock modelling to identify key drivers for antimicrobial use in pig production in four European countries. Epidemiology and Infection, 1-12. Downloadable here.


Assessment of biosecurity and control measures to prevent incursion Collineau L, Belloc C, Stärk KD, Hémonic A, Postma M, Dewulf J, Chauvin C. Guidance on the Selection of Appropriate Indicators for Quantification of Antimicrobial Usage in Humans and Animals. Zoonoses Public Health. 2017 May;64(3):165-184. doi: 10.1111/zph.12298. Epub 2016 Sep 4. Downloadable here.

Ferreira JP, Staerk K. Antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial use animal monitoring policies in Europe: Where are we? J Public Health Policy. 2017 May;38(2):185-202. doi: 10.1057/s41271-017-0067-y. Downloadable here.

Assessment of biosecurity and control measures to prevent incursion Collineau L, Rojo-Gimeno C, Léger A, Backhans A, Loesken S, Nielsen EO, Postma M, Emanuelson U, Beilage EG, Sjölund M, Wauters E, Stärk KDC, Dewulf J, Belloc C, Krebs S. Herd-specific interventions to reduce antimicrobial usage in pig production without jeopardising technical and economic performance. Prev Vet Med. 2017 Sep 1;144:167-178. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2017.05.023. Epub 2017 Jun 19. Downloadable here.


Assessment of biosecurity and control measures to prevent incursion Magouras I, Carmo LP, Stärk KDC, Schüpbach-Regula G. Antimicrobial Usage and Resistance in Livestock: Where Should We Focus? Front Vet Sci. 2017 Sep 15;4:148. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2017.00148. eCollection 2017. Downloadable here.


Assessment of biosecurity and control measures to prevent incursion Léger A, De Nardi M, Simons R, Adkin A, Ru G, Estrada-Peña A, Stärk KDC. Assessment of biosecurity and control measures to prevent incursion and to limit spread of emerging transboundary animal diseases in Europe: An expert survey. Vaccine 2017 Oct 20;35(44):5956-5966. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2017.07.034. Epub 2017 Jul 24.
Downloadable here.


De Nardi M, Léger A, Stepanyan T, Khachatryan B, Karibayev T, Sytnik I, Tyulegenov S, Akhmetova A, Nychyk S, Sytiuk M, Nevolko O, Datsenko R, Chaligava T, Avaliani L, Parkadze O, Ninidze L, Kartskhia N, Napetvaridze T, Asanishvili Z, Khelaia D, Menteshashvili I, Zadayan M, Niazyan L, Mykhaylovska N, Brooks BR, Zhumabayeva G, Satabayeva S, Metreveli M, Gallagher T, Obiso R. Implementation of a Regional Training Program on African Swine Fever As Part of the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program across the Caucasus Region. Front Vet Sci. 2017 Oct 26;4:164. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2017.00164. eCollection 2017. Downloadable here.

Sekiguchi S, Presi P, Omori R, Staerk K, Schuppers M, Isoda N, Yoshikawa Y, Umemura T, Nakayama H, Fujii Y, Sakoda Y. Evaluation of bovine viral diarrhoea virus control strategies in dairy herds in Hokkaido, Japan, using stochastic modelling. Transbound Emerg Dis.2017 Aug 14. doi: 10.1111/tbed.12693. [Epub ahead of print]

Müller A, Collineau L, Stephan R, Müller A, Stärk KD. Assessment of the risk of foodborne transmission and burden of hepatitis E in Switzerland. Int J Food Microbiol. 2017 Feb 2;242:107-115. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2016.11.018. Epub 2016 Nov 22. Downloadable here.



L. Collineau, L.P. Carmo, A. Endimiani, I. Magouras, C. Müntener, G. Schüpbach-Regula, K.D.C. Stärk (2017), Risk Ranking of Antimicrobial-Resistant Hazards Found in Meat in Switzerland. Risk Analysis. Downloadable here.

K.D.C. Stärk, V.S.P. Goncalvez, B.J. McCluskey, J. Pinto, T. Tsutsui, J. Gibbens (2017), Competencies for government veterinary services of the future:Summary of ISVEE 14 Yucatan 2015 roundtable discussion. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Volume 137, Pages 151–153. Downloadable here.




Sjölund M, Postma M, Collineau L, Lösken S, Backhans A, Belloc C, Emanuelson U, Beilage EG, Stärk K, Dewulf J; MINAPIG consortium. Quantitative and qualitative antimicrobial usage patterns in farrow-to-finish pig herds in Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden. Prev Vet Med. 2016 Aug 1;130:41-50. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2016.06.003. Epub 2016 Jun 2. Downloadable here.



Visschers VH, Postma M, Sjölund M, Backhans A, Collineau L, Loesken S, Belloc C, Dewulf J, Emanuelson U, Grosse Beilage E, Siegrist M, Stärk KD. Higher perceived risk of antimicrobials is related to lower antimicrobial usage among pig farmers in four European countries. Vet Rec. 2016 Nov 12;179(19):490. doi: 10.1136/vr.103844. Epub 2016 Aug 23. Downloadable here.



Bisdorff B, Schauer B, Taylor N, Rodríguez-Prieto V, Comin A, Brouwer A, Dórea F, Drewe J, Hoinville L, Lindberg A, Martinez Avilés M, Martínez-López B, Peyre M, Pinto Ferreira J, Rushton J, Van Schaik G, Stärk KD, Staubach C, Vicente-Rubiano M, Witteveen G, Pfeiffer D, Häsler B. Active animal health surveillance in European Union Member States: gaps and opportunities. Epidemiol Infect. 2017 Mar;145(4):802-817. doi: 10.1017/S0950268816002697. Epub 2016 Dec 12. Downloadable here.


Postma M, Backhans A, Collineau L, Loesken S, Sjölund M, Belloc C, Emanuelson U, Grosse Beilage E, Nielsen EO, Stärk KDC, Dewulf J; MINAPIG consortium. Evaluation of the relationship between the biosecurity status, production parameters, herd characteristics and antimicrobial usage in farrow-to-finish pig production in four EU countries. Porcine Health Manag. 2016 May 1;2:9. doi: 10.1186/s40813-016-0028-z. eCollection 2016. Downloadable here.



Collineau L, Backhans A, Dewulf J, Emanuelson U, Grosse Beilage E, Lehébel A, Loesken S, Okholm Nielsen E, Postma M, Sjölund M, Stärk KDC, Belloc C. Profile of pig farms combining high performance and low antimicrobial usage within four European countries. Vet Rec. 2017 Oct 19. pii: vetrec-2016-103988. doi: 10.1136/vr.103988. [Epub ahead of print]. Downloadable here.



Royal Veterinary College and SAFOSO, 2016. A systematic review of AMR bacteria in pork, poultry, dairy products, seafood and fresh produce at UK retail level. Downloadable here.



L.R. Marshall, B. Chengat Prakashbabu, J. Pinto Ferreira, S.N. Buzdugan, K.D.C. Stärk, J. Guitian (2016), Risk factors for Taenia saginata cysticercus infection in cattle in the United Kingdom: A farm-level case-control study and assessment of the role of movement history, age and sex. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Volume 135, 1 December 2016, Pages 1–8. Downloadable here.


Lucie CollCollineau et alineau, Benoit Combes, Franck Boué, Pascal Hendrikx, Corinne Danan (2016), Évaluation du dispositif de surveillance épidémiologique d’Echinococcus multilocularis chez le Renard en France. Bulletin épidémiologique, santé animale et alimentation no 74 – Juin 2016. Downloadable here.




Babo Martins et al Babo Martins, S., Rushton, J. and Stärk, K. D. C. (2015), Economic Assessment of Zoonoses Surveillance in a ‘One Health’ Context: A Conceptual Framework. Zoonoses and Public Health. doi: 10.1111/zph.12239
Downloadable here.



   The ASFORCE consortium has produced a video on ASF awareness under SAFOSO’s coordination, to be used by academia, research institutions, official veterinary services, public governmental agencies, private veterinarians, farmers, hunters and other related stakeholders. It addresses different aspects of the disease, including etiology, geographical spread, clinical signs, routes of transmission and good practices to control ASF.
Please have a look, and feel free to further disseminate it!


Europe Needs Consistent Teaching of the Economics of Animal HealthJackson, E. L., Waret-Szkuta, A., Raboisson, D., Niemi, J., Aragrande, M., Gethmann, J., Martins, S. B., Höreth-Böntgen, D., Sans, P., Stärk, K. D., Häsler, B. and Rushton, J. (2015), Europe Needs Consistent Teaching of the Economics of Animal Health. EuroChoices. doi: 10.1111/1746-692X.12098; Downloadable here.



Visschers_et_al_2015 V.H.M. Visschers, A. Backhans, L. Collineau, D. Iten, S. Loesken, M. Postma, C. Belloc, J. Dewulf, U. Emanuelson, E. grosse Beilage, M. Siegrist, M. Sjölund, K.D.C. Stärk: Perceptions of antimicrobial usage, antimicrobial resistance and policy measures to reduce antimicrobial usage in convenient samples of Belgian, French, German, Swedish and Swiss pig farmers.
Preventive Veterinary Medicine Volume 119, Issues 1–2, 1 April 2015, Pages 10–20.
Downloadable here.


Stärk_et_al_2015Katharina D.C. Stärk, Montserrat Arroyo Kuribreña, Gwenaelle Dauphind, Sandra Vokaty, Michael P. Ward, Barbara Wieland, Ann Lindberg: One Health surveillance – More than a buzz word? Preventive Veterinary Medicine 120 (2015) 124–130.



Blagojevic_et_al_2015Bojan Blagojevic, Nikolaos Dadios, Karin Reinmann, Javier Guitian, Katharina D.C. Stärk: Green offal inspection of cattle, small ruminants and pigs in the United Kingdom: Impact assessment of changes in the inspection protocol on likelihood of detection of selected hazards. Research in Veterinary Science, Volume 100, June 2015, Pages 31–38.



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FMD_RA_paperWieland, B., etal., Foot and mouth disease risk assessment in Mongolia—Local expertise to support national policy. PREVET(2014),





Hill_et_al_2014A.A. Hill, V. Horigan, K.A. Clarke, T.C.M. Dewé, K.D.C. Stärk, S. O'Brien, S. Buncic: A qualitative risk assessment for visual-only post-mortem meat inspection of cattle, sheep, goats and farmed/wild deer.Food Control Volume 38, April 2014, Pages 96–103.
Downloadable here.



Huneau_et_al_2014A. HUNEAU-SALAÜN, K. D. C. STÄRK, A. MATEUS, C. LUPO, A. LINDBERG and S. LE BOUQUIN-LENEVEU. Contribution of Meat Inspection to the surveillance of poultry health and welfare in the European Union. Epidemiology and Infection, available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S0950268814003379.



HPAI_outreak_analysisVisual analysis of HPAI outbreaks 2014.




Influenza Surveillance Dobschuetz et alS. VON DOBSCHUETZ, M. DE NARDI, K. A. HARRIS, O. MUNOZ, A. C. BREED, B. WIELAND, G. DAUPHIN, J. LUBROTH and K. D. C. STÄRK. Influenza surveillance in animals: what is our capacity to detect emerging influenza viruses with zoonotic potential?. Epidemiology and Infection, available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S0950268814002106.



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Merel Postma, Marie Sjölund, Lucie Collineau, Svenja Lösken, Katharina D. C. Stärk, and Jeroen Dewulf on behalf of the MINAPIG consortium: Assigning defined daily doses animal: a European multi-country experience for antimicrobial products authorized for usage in pigs J. Antimicrob. Chemother. doi:10.1093/jac/dku347



Vergne, T., Guinat, C., Petkova, P., Gogin, A., Kolbasov, D., Blome, S., Molia, S., Pinto Ferreira, J., Wieland, B., Nathues, H. and Pfeiffer, D. U. (2014), Attitudes and Beliefs of Pig Farmers and Wild Boar Hunters Towards Reporting of African Swine Fever in Bulgaria, Germany and the Western Part of the Russian Federation. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. doi: 10.1111/tbed.12254




Paper_Staerk_et_al_Food_Control_2013K.D.C. Stärk, S. Alonso, N. Dadios, C. Dupuy, L. Ellerbroek, M. Georgiev, J. Hardstaff, A. Huneau-Salaün, C. Laugier, A. Mateus, A. Nigsch, A. Afonso, A. Lindberg:
Strengths and weaknesses of meat inspection as a contribution to animal health and welfare surveillanceFood Control, Volume 39, May 2014, Pages 154–162
Downloadable here.



EIP_Agri_paper_StärkK. Stärk: Brief overview of strategies to reduce antimicrobial usage in pig production.
Starting paper for the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) focus group on animal husbandry.
Downloadable here.



Isoda_et_al_EID_2013Isoda, N., Kadohira, M., Sekiguchi, S., Schuppers, M. and Stärk, K. D. C. (2013), Review: Evaluation of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control Using Fault Tree Analysis. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. doi: 10.1111/tbed.12116
Downloadable here.




Poster MedVetNet SAFOSO 2013Sara Babo Martins, Jonathan Rushton, Katharina DC Stärk
Economic assessment of surveillance in a "One Health" context: Impact of zoonotic diseases surveillance.
Downloadable here.




Hill, A.A., Horigan, V., Clarke, K.A., Dewe, T., Stärk, K.D.C., O’Brien, S., Buncic, S.
A qualitative risk and benefit assessment for visual-only post-mortem meat inspection of cattle, sheep, goats and farmed/wild deer. AHVLA, 2013.
Downloadable here.




Poster presented by Muellner et al at ISVEE 2012Petra Muellner, Toni Tana, Ulrich Muellner, Sara Khaling-Rai, Katharina Stärk and Brendan Gould: Educating surveillance stakeholders - A novel e-tool to improve engagement and decision making; poster presented at ISVEE 2012.
Downloadable here.



Reist M, Jemmi T, Stärk KDC. Policy-driven development of cost-effective, risk-based surveillance strategies. Prev Vet Med (2012) 105(3): 176-184. Downloadable here.




Schuppers ME, Stegeman JA, Kramps JA, Stärk KDC. Implementing a probabilistic definition of freedom from infection to facilitate trade of livestock: putting theory into practice for the example of bovine herpes virus-1. Prev Vet Med (2012) 105(3): 195-201. Downloadable here.



The World Bank: People, Pathogens and Our Planet. Volume 2: The Economics of One Health. Report No 69145-GLB. [Co-authored by U. Sperling]. Downloadable here.

EXTERNAL SCIENTIFIC REPORT SUBMITTED TO EFSA on the Contribution of meat inspection to animal health surveillance in Poultry, Prepared by COMISURV, Represented for the purpose of this report by: Adeline Huneau, ANSES, Sophie Le Bouquin-Leneveu, ANSES, Mohammed Dia, ANSES, Ana Mateus, SAFOSO, Katharina Stärk, SAFOSO, Silvia Alonso, RVC, Lüppo Ellerbroek, BfR, Ann Lindberg, SVA. Downloadable here.



EXTERNAL SCIENTIFIC REPORT submitted to EFSA on the Contribution of meat inspection to animal health surveillance in Swine, Prepared by COMISURV, Represented for the purpose of this report by: Lüppo Ellerbroek, BfR, Ana Mateus, SAFOSO, Katharina Stärk, SAFOSO, Silvia Alonso, RVC, Ann Lindberg, SVA. Downloadable here.





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