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Finding agreement and consensus among a variety of players has become a key concern in the animal health sector, given strategic challenges such as the increased public attention to the production methods of the sector. 

Prospex is specialised in stakeholder engagement, strategy & foresight, and negotiations & conflict management. Prospex is broadly involved in changing the strategic future of companies, organisations and societies, more specifically through the engagement of stakeholders for strategic foresight, consensus-building and negotiated agreements. We help companies and organisations develop shared insights and understanding of their futures and to transfer these into lasting agreements in order to achieve excellent results.

Based in Belgium and active around the globe, Prospex works with clients and partners in a variety of sectors, among which key players in the health sector, including large multinational corporations (e.g., GSK, Novartis, etc.) family-owned pharma business (such as Chiesi), business and organisations (such as the European Respiratory Society), as well as international organisations (e.g., Asia Europe Foundation, WHO). Prospex is involved in leading research in its field, including a long series of EU research projects. Its team members have published extensively in the field, from peer-reviewed articles (e.g. in climatic change) to the official OECD handbook on public engagement.  

As strategic partners, SAFOSO and Prospex team up to deliver thoroughly expertise-driven and highly targeted engagement and negotiation processes for clients successfully addressing key issues in animal health. Please contact us for more details on how SAFOSO and Prospex together can support your company and organisation.