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Petra Muellner
Dr. med. vet., MSc, PhD, MANZCVS, Dipl. ECVPH

Petra Muellner

Petra is an epidemiologist and veterinary public health specialist who has previously been involved in a diverse set of projects and programmes aimed at the detection, prevention and control of diseases in humans and animals. Her experience lies in both academic and non-academic settings and includes disciplines such as risk research, surveillance and working within interdisciplinary and collaborative environments to solve complex health problems. She is a veterinary graduate of the University of Munich, and holds postgraduate qualifications from the University of Bern, the University of Bielefeld and Massey University.

Petra is founder and director of Epi-interactive, a New Zealand-based company that provides services to improve human and animal health.  She has previously worked as Senior Advisor (Risk Assessment) at the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and as Senior Lecturer (Veterinary Epidemiology) at the EpiCentre, Massey University, New Zealand. Petra is a current member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and the Scientific Editor of the New Zealand Veterinary Journal.

Petra applies her skills to a wide range of topics and has developed a particular interest in the molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases and the utilisation of information technologies to support learning, communication and data management.  Her approach goes across boundaries, combining expertise in disease epidemiology with disciplines such as molecular biology, statistical modelling and the social sciences. She brings lot of energy to the projects she is involved in and enjoys finding new ways to address problems.

For more detailed information or to contact Petra directly please visit the Epi-interactive website


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