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SAFOSO and aquaculture

31 May 2018

Aquaculture around the world is expanding rapidly and is increasingly contributing to fill the global demand for animal protein. With increasing production however, also challenges in aquaculture production become more prominent. Diseases and trade-relevant hazards such as antibiotic resistance and residues are among these challenges. Thanks to its broad skills base - including risk assessment, surveillance design and evaluation - SAFOSO is well positioned to offer competent and tailored advice to the aquaculture sector. For example, SAFOSO recently published an article on the use of modern surveillance tools, including molecular and genomic data, to inform decisions taken by private and public health managers. The article is available here.

In this context, SAFOSO is happy to announce its expanding competency in aquaculture through our new associate Thomas Janssens. Thomas has been working in the aquaculture sector in several countries since 2002, and he is currently head of aquaculture research at Bern University of Applied Research. More information about Thomas is available here. We welcome Thomas as our associate and are looking forward to productive collaboration.

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