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IQC and SAFOSO AG join forces

25 October 2017

Integrated Quality Consulting (IQC; and SAFOSO AG ( have decided to join forces and become corporate associates of each other. IQC is a Shanghai-based consulting company with a mixed Chinese and German team that is specialized on tailored approaches towards the specific needs of all players in the food supply chain from raw materials, further processing, distribution, retail, and food service, as well as international food procurement companies. Their clients include producers, procurement organizations, investors and standard owners, among others. As IQC is focused on post-harvest food safety and quality assurance, the partnership with SAFOSO and its pre-harvest competencies in animal health and food safety allows clients in China and elsewhere to be served in a comprehensive manner with all aspects from stable to table covered by our joint expertise.

IQC and SAFOSO look very much forward to serving our first joint clients. Please contact us for further information.

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