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A new specialist service in market research and innovation in the fields of animal health, veterinary affairs and food safety

1) Inspiring and enlightening preliminary market research

Interviewees do not always say what they mean, nor mean what they say.
We need to interpret their responses for market research “findings” to become insightful and inspiring.
“Reading between the lines” is vital.

2) Ideas for innovative services, new products, or new brand strategies

Using these insights from market research, we generate ideas for improving the business, the brand, or the customer service.
And, depending on the brief, ideas for innovative new products or brand extensions.

3) Evaluation and concept testing

These ideas are then evaluated in further market research.
We use realistic stimulus material which encourages the interviewees to believe that the new brand strategy, new product or new service being tested is already launched.
We do not ask “What if…?” questions: “iffy” questions produce “iffy” answers.

4) Successful launches of well-researched innovations or brand strategies

The Presight-SAFOSO service doesn’t have to stop after the concept stage.
We can contribute in many ways to the roll-out and launch, such as

  • determining how the innovation, new product or service should be positioned in the marketplace
  • helping to brief an advertising agency to create attention-getting advertising or promotional material, based on the chosen positioning
  • creating a memorable brand name for a new product or service
  • in the case of a new product, designing its pack
  • helping to brief sales teams.


A testimonial from Ernst Zollinger,
Thermo Fisher Prionics, Zürich

“I have worked with Ulrich and Gordon, both separately and occasionally together, over many decades. I am delighted that they have now come together to form Presight- SAFOSO. We have recently used them on a major veterinary diagnostics project, involving several stages of imaginative thinking and market research, taking us into companion animal diagnostics as well as livestock diagnostics. Their
work has been fast, incisive, and inspiring.”


About us

Gordon Douglas ran Presight, Europe’s longest-established innovation and new product development agency, based in London, for many decades. Presight’s philosophy was that market research and creativity should always work in tandem and in harmony.
Dr Ulrich Sperling, having obtained a doctorate in biochemistry, worked as a strategic management consultant and later as Head of  Product Management in veterinary diagnostics.

SAFOSO and Presight have co-operated on many assignments over the years: hence the
creation of the new Presight-SAFOSO service.