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Manon Schuppers

Manon SchuppersDr. Manon Schuppers obtained her Master’s degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where she studied Animal Science and specialized in both veterinary epidemiology and tropical animal husbandry. She spent 8 months in West Africa where she not only analyzed the local goat milk production and marketing system, but also discovered her passion for international collaboration.

After graduation, Manon joined the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office in Bern, where she was responsible for pilot-testing a zoonosis monitoring program at slaughterhouse level.

Manon joined SAFOSO in 2004 as junior consultant. She completed her doctoral thesis on Trichinella surveillance at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich while continuing to work for SAFOSO. Since 2010, she is a Director of SAFOSO. Since 2014, Manon is Director of Marketing and Communications.

Manon especially enjoys working together with project partners to improve national veterinary systems and animal health and food safety conditions in challenging environments. She also enjoys working out scientifically sound solutions for animal health issues under conditions where restricted resources limit the usefulness of standard advanced approaches.