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Prof. Dr. med. vet. Ulrich Kihm

Ueli KihmFor a period of ten years (1993 – 2003) Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kihm (Ueli) was the Chief Veterinary Officer of Switzerland, working to control BSE among other important diseases. His responsibilities included development of veterinary policy, handling of politically and scientifically difficult situations (BSE), and he also had strong exposure to the media (TV, press, etc.). Under his management, the Swiss Veterinary Office was restructured and new priorities were set in informatics, communications and epidemiology.

His professional experience also included:

- 1975 – 1993: Director of the Institute for Virology and Immunoprophylaxis in Mittelhäusern, Switzerland, a high security institute conducting research and diagnostic services for highly contagious animal diseases.

- 1982 – 2001: Serving in different expert groups of OIE and FAO. 1996 he received the gold award for extraordinary achievements in favour of the OIE.                

- 2003 – 2010: CEO of SAFOSO. Since then Ueli keeps serving SAFOSO as President of the Board.             

- Many years of teaching animal health, disease control, epidemiology and immunoprophylaxis to veterinary students in both Bern and Zürich.