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Carla Stoffel

Marco De Nardi

Carla Stoffel is a veterinarian who is native to Switzerland with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from Cornell University and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine with a Post-Graduate Certificate in International Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University.

Carla has a broad range of experience in animal health in both the private and public sectors. Her internships focused on a variety of facets of rabies; she gained experience on the human health aspects of rabies with the WHO in Geneva, the epidemiological aspects of rabies with the University of Glasgow, and the transboundary aspects of rabies with the OIE in Paris. She worked in a small animal hospital in Manhattan where she gained first-hand experience with fast-paced patient care, client communications, diagnostics, and treatment. As a technical consultant with the FAO in Rome, Carla gained experience in advocacy with governments for reducing the risks of a rinderpest re-emergence and in multi-stakeholder awareness raising through communications campaigns. She subsequently supported an in-service applied veterinary epidemiology training programme for government veterinarians across 14 countries in Africa in partnership with Texas A&M University. Carla is currently undertaking a Masters degree in International Development Studies with the University of Portsmouth.

Carla joined SAFOSO in January 2020 and is looking forward to optimizing and finding new synergies between health-related spheres and sectors.