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Our approach is unique.

We emphasize the pre-harvest food-chain because food safety management is at its most effective when it begins early in the production process.

SAFOSO’s work is:-

Fact-based: our technical expertise is the foundation of all we do. We make sure we stay scientifically up-to-date to provide the best available knowledge to our clients. Where our own expertise is insufficient to cover all aspects of a project, we bring in others.

Output-oriented: before we start working on a client’s project, we agree a specific project output. Unless the client specifically wishes it, we do not charge by the day nor by the hour.

Flexible: SAFOSO is small, so administration is reduced to the minimum. And if a client wishes to change the scope, focus, timing or methodology of a project, that is usually no problem. Contact us early, though, to make sure we have time for your project when you need us.

Pan-disciplinary: thanks to the diverse backgrounds of our team, we are able to cover business as well as scientific aspects. Whoever your contact person will be (and you will have just one), you will always have access to the entire team’s know-how.

International: we work where you are. We have undertaken projects on all six continents. And with our international team we are able to serve our clients in more than 5 different languages.


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